Keep Track Of Your Business With Google Alerts

Keep Track Of Your Business With Google Alerts

It’s no secret that there are literally billions of pages of information on the Internet. Most doesn’t pertain in any way to you or your business, but wouldn’t it be nice to automatically find only the information that does, as soon as it gets indexed by Google?

That’s what Google Alerts can do for you. It’s a little known feature from a company that’s full of great offerings, and it’s one that can become invaluable as your business grows. Using it is a snap, and you can set it to update you instantly, or as little as once a week if you have a great deal of new links coming in to your site.

To set up an alert, start by navigating here:

Then enter your search terms. These can be your web site ( for example), your company or personal name, or anything else that is important to you. Select “Comprehensive” as the Type and decide how often you would like to be contacted. Personally, I have some items come in “as they happen,” and others that I have come in once a day. Last but not least, enter your e-mail address and press “Create Alert.”

Now you’re all set to reap the benefits of knowing who is talking about you online almost as instantly as they do!

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