Jeff Jahn Awarded 2015 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Jeff Jahn Awarded 2015 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

We are thrilled to announce that the Berry College Alumni Association has selected DynamiX founder Jeff Jahn as the recipient of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for 2015.

One of just four awards presented annually to Berry College alumni, Jeff was recognized in May at the Distinguished Alumni Awards and inducted into the Berry Alumni Hall of Fame.

This award shall be given for significant contribution to the advancement of a business or enterprise. This individual demonstrated a commitment to turn a vision into reality, the courage to assume risks, and the ability to make changes and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our thanks to Berry College for the honor!



Jeff Jahn (07C)

Early SuccessJeff Jahn

  • Started his first official business, DynamiX Web design, while a Berry sophomore, serving simultaneously as CEO, design department, sales team and head of support.
  • As a senior, hired his first full-time employee, purchased a home and carried an 18-hour class load while working 15+ hour days and traveling frequently

On the [super] fast track

  • Since 2012, DynamiX’s business has grown 35% to 55% annually; in 2014, the firm achieved 100% growth in staff (now employing 14) and launched almost 50 new websites for Atlanta-based and national customers like Marlow’s Tavern, Ray’s Restaurants, Clark Howard and Herman Cain.
  • In 2011, co-founded the neighborhood-based Home Elephant social media platform that now encompasses more than 6,800 communities in 96+ countries and is internationally recognized
  • In 2012, co-founded the apartment-renter retention platform Dwellio

Awards and accolades

  • Recognized in 2013 as one of “20 Rising Stars Under 40” by Cobb Life magazine
  • In 2015 Horizon Interactive Awards competition, DynamiX became the most-awarded website development firm nationally when it took home 46 trophies, including a “Best of Category” award and 10 “Gold” trophies
  • Also in 2015, DynamiX was awarded a Webby Honoree in the Food and Drink category for their work on the Ray’s Restaurant site, becoming one of just twelve websites in this category to receive that recognition. The Webby awards are considered the highest level of achievement on the Internet.
  • Other DynamiX awards for innovative design, development and technology include seven W3 national awards, seven international Davey Awards and an Interactive Media Awards “Best in Class” designation
  • Home Elephant has been featured by new outlets across the country, including Fox News, ABC News, CNN, Adweek, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Huffington Post and CBS News’ The Early Show

In his own words

“Since I started my first unofficial business at 14 (selling IT services to companies), I’ve been addicted to creating new things and the challenges that come from being an entrepreneur.”


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