Faking out Google Ads is Hilarious!

Faking out Google Ads is Hilarious!

We’ve all seen it before at one time or another. You type something semi-obscure into Google, and come across an ad that has absolutely no way of being intentional.

You can bet that no one at Target decided they wanted to sell ducks feet. These ads are simply targeting popular words (while carefully avoiding very negative ones like “death”), and combining them into an automatically generated ad. It’s funny, it’s nonsensical and you know that they are spending money on these Boolean phrases and keywords hoping that they’ll bring in some real buyers along the way.

We decided to take 3 minutes and have a bit of fun with them, to see just how far these ads will go.
Here’s what we found…

Again, these are all real results we just got through a few minutes of simple Google searches. Try it out for yourself and let us know what hilarious ads you uncover!

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