A quick look: YouTube and what it could mean for your business

A quick look: YouTube and what it could mean for your business

Just about everyone has heard of YouTube by now, but not everyone has thought about the site in terms of what it can mean for their business. Yes, dancing monkeys can be a nice distraction, but YouTube has much more potential than just watching people fall down or viewing highlights of former football stars. Here is a short list of ways that you can potentially utilize YouTube for your business:

1. To host video testimonials.

Video testimonials are a great way to get your product message across, and adding videos to YouTube is so easy that almost anyone can do it. Nearly any initial video format works (as does virtually any standard digital video camera), meaning that whether you design and edit your video clips on a Mac or a PC, they can be uploaded to YouTube and look great. Which brings us to our next point.

2. As a bandwidth-saver.

Instead of creating 10+mb video files that are hosted on your web site, Integration of YouTube videos within your site means that customers get to see more from your company, without increasing your hosting budget. Not only that, but you’ll even bring in the occasional YouTube browser who finds your video and visits your web site as a result. Learn about the SE Video Module.

3. As part of a viral campaign.

Some of the funnier/more relevant videos on YouTube easily surpass the 2 million view mark. Now, don’t expect that putting some kittens in a basket with your company logo will do the trick, but a well thought out viral campaign could provide you with an otherwise untouched marketbase for your products. A successful viral campaign will take off fast, which can again make the external hosting offered by YouTube an important feature.

4. To showcase your products.

Many companies have already started using YouTube for their business. If you are a reseller, there’s a good chance that at least a handful of the companies whose products you sell have videos on YouTube. Help your web site stand out from the pack by integrating these right into your product pages.

5. To show off your work.

Even if you don’t have access to any pre-made YouTube videos for your business (or if you don’t sell ready-made products), you can still show off your work with a video of your own. Say, for example that your company creates custom interiors for high end homes. Rather than simply showing a handful of pictures on the site, you can augment that picture gallery by creating a three minute walkthrough video that shows the detail work that has gone into your project.

6. To build and involve your customer base.

What better way is there to sell your services than by letting a customer tell his story? Now, I know that this sounds a lot like #1 above, but it is distinctly different. Traditionally, a testimonial is structured in some way, and typically does not actually involve the use of the product or service being discussed. If, on the other hand your company were to offer a contest that included a prize (or simply notoriety on your web site) for video of customers in action using your product, the resulting videos could send a powerful message to your site visitors. Think about which you would prefer, visiting a web site that showed a static product image (let’s say a kayak), with product information and specifications, or that same site with multiple videos of customers in action, riding the rapids on your product in Colorado?

7. Two words: Video tutorials.

It can be tough visualizing how to build, install or repair some products based solely on a product manual, but often these challenges can be avoided with a simple video clip. Especially if your product is unique, a YouTube video could be an essential asset in reducing customer technical support calls and returns. These video links can even be e-mailed to customers directly, simplifying the process of replying to repetitive technical support issues.

Taking it further.

Did you like this article? Stand by, our newest YouTube article entitled “Advertising: How utilizing video testimonials can bring in more business” is coming soon!

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